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Original Composition

Compositions are an outgrowth of improvisation and arrangement activities and projects. Students in Music Moves lessons improvise and arrange continually. One activity that is popular is composing music, using guidelines, to an original story of five or six lines. Each line, then is illustrated in sound and in drawings. Some students will sing the story lines. Others will read the story lines. Creating a composition that is remembered or notated is self-rewarding. Students are encouraged to share compositions that are in progress or fully completed for recitals. A notebook is kept of compositions that are notated in Finale by the students.

A student writes a story (usually 5 lines), decides the characteristics of the improvised music that accompanies each story line, improvises a short piece, and draws a picture to illustrate each line. Students are encouraged to sing the text. Recital presentation.
Some students especially enjoy applying the audiation skill they learn in Music Moves for Piano to creating and arranging, in personal preference to learning and performing solos by master composers. It is rewarding that these students feel joy and satisfaction in sitting at the piano and improvising and creating.
This HS student creates beautiful solos at the keyboard. She continues to use what she has learned through Music Moves lessons.
Two sisters created new compositions. This clip closes with a 10 YO leading a small group singing 'Happy Birthday.' All Music Moves students learn to play 'Happy Birthday' and keep it in their repertoire.
8 YO student composes a piece at home after 14 lessons
8 yo brought this today. Started lessons in September. 14 lessons.
7 YO brings new compositions to every lesson. This is her favorite one.


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