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The Keyboard Games Teacher's Edition provides a wealth of material for teaching preschool aged children. In addition to a suggested class outline lesson plan, there are many ideas for teaching patterns, chants, songs, movement, improvisation, group activities, and keyboard performance pieces for the four-five year old child.

Printed songs, performance pieces, rhythm patterns, and tonal patterns are included in this teacher's edition. The sections of "Songs to Sing" and "Rhythm Chants" include both printed notation and activities.

Book 1 Teacher's Edition is for students of all ages, from first grade through adult beginners. The lesson plans provide sequenced activities, keyboard skills, pattern instruction, and study of songs and performance pieces.

Rote teaching, or learning by imitation while applying skills, is the first step toward audiation. Activities away from the keyboard and at the keyboard guide students on the pathway to complete music literacy. Music literacy includes performance, listening, improvising and composing. Activities are carefully sequenced to provide readiness, repetition, review, and reinforcement. Listening, performing, and keyboard skills are the first steps toward understanding music notation.

Book 2 Teacher's Edition continues with more difficult Major and Minor tonality songs. Students continue to build keyboard, audiation, pattern vocabulary, and improvisation skills through sequenced lesson time activities.

Gradually, more rote solos are studied at the lesson. Activities to learn rote solos use a "whole-parts-whole" approach along with an audiation-based style of instruction. Activities are carefully sequenced to provide readiness, repetition, review, and reinforcement.

Book 3 Teacher's Edition  guides students in more advanced keyboard, audiation, and improvisation skills. Along with this third book, students will be playing more advanced solos that are learning by rote and by applying audiation skills.

It is important to keep the lesson-time activities focused on building and maintaining audiation and keyboard skills while students learn solo repertoire. Activities to do this are provided in these lesson plans. Activities are carefully sequenced to provide readiness, repetition, review, and reinforcement.

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